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Master Planning + Strategic Planning+ Business Planning

We believe innovation is not a by-product, but the very essence of a planning process. We also ensure that inclusion is not optional but an integral part of our approach.

This combination of innovation and inclusion fuels our approach to Master Planning, Strategic Planning and Business Planning. We are committed to helping users see their values and unmet needs reflected in the plans and developing plans that aren’t just pretty pictures (that are pretty unrealistic) but rather living documents that are financially and environmentally sustainable.


Our team’s background with CAPRA visitors, fluency in 6 languages and our proprietary digital technologies help us provide the most inclusive community engagement possible. In addition, we center empathy and equity at the core of our process through our focus on listening, storytelling and the user experience.

Your plans will benefit from our experience on 150+ plans from Anchorage, Alaska to Allentown, Pennsylvania so that your roadmap for the future, balances strategic goals and human capital along with infrastructure priorities and the political realities.

Don’t take our word for the success of our plans or the authenticity of our approach – just read what others have to say.

Need a plan that listens to your community and drives Innovation and Inclusion?
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